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Many of the children are still about the street of which lead them to be out and about of control and simply trapped in child delinquency. The examine attempted to understand understanding in the children in the social advice of the flow house program, classes not enough info about the problem. The study utilized quantitative and qualitative data and analized in non parametric statistic. Bandung has been selected as area of the research since the town is one of towns in Indonesia that will has street kids problems. The information was accumulated through interview plan, field observation in addition to desk study.

The particular objective of the particular research was to research the role associated with the group maqui berry farmers specially in term associated with dynamic of the particular group farmers, empowerment of the dairy products farmers, and their own relationship. The sample population is dairy cooperative at Bandung district and focus on population would be the dairy products farmers since the users of the cooperative.

The results pointed out that the participating farmers improved their knowledge about sheep raising, though statistically not significant. Farmers living in the near by forest villages fullfilled their living needs mainly through exploiting the forest resources. In this relation the objectives of this study were to asses the relationship of farmer’s characteristics and their competencies in forest conservation. The population of this study was four hundreds farmers living in 12 village near the national forest park. The result pointed out that farmers lacked competencies in both farm and forest conservation.

Public culture environment of which oriented to typically the health service provides a high class, on the additional hand, clients understanding to the standard health services contains a middle category. Students of pesantren must have integrated competencies, include Islamic knowledge, Islamic personalities, and entrepreneurship competencies.

faktor yang mempengaruhi pola hidup sehat

Cyber extension is usually one of typically the modern tools which can be utilized by simply the farmers, file format workers, and Enterprise actors to get informations and build agricultural business. Typically the purpose of this specific study was to be able to analyze relationship in between characteristics of participants and environmental together with the farmers habits in utilizing web extension to assist farming activities simply because well as typically the applied to farm orchid plants. Research performed on the Ragunan Orchid Park, South Jakarta, Jakarta Province.