About Us

We the black people!

We are BLACKTOLIVE and we are trying to change the world of today! What do we want? It’s pretty simple.

We want equality and justice. We want to stop discrimination. We want to stop police brutality. Because we’re tired of endless discrimination.

We are BLACKTOLIVE. We are not slaves anymore. We just want equal respect for our people and our history. We want Black people to live in a world where is no room for bigotry and racism. Because this is what belongs to us.

We want to live in the world, where we and our kids will not be judged by their skin color, but by the content of their character. Because all people are equal

We want to make cops our protectors, not killers. We want equal job possibilities and equal salaries for black and white people. We want to unite black people and stop injustice towards us. Because we want to live in a world without prejudices.

Join BLACKTOLIVE and let’s do it together!