She Called 911 For Help and Ended Up Abused by Those Meant to Protect

“My heart is racing. I’m really afraid,” Earledreka White told the 911 dispatcher, stuttering, begging to send police backup so that she would not be abused by an officer during a traffic stop.

It’s Time to Stand Together. We Have to Fight Back.

I’m tired. Tired of hearing new stories every day. Tired of getting told “black on black crime kills more blacks than police.” I’m tired of being told “white privilege” isn’t a thing. But mostly I’m tired of being scared.

Alternative Protest: Moving Money Into Black Banks

In a time of racial tension, Black-owned banks get rush of new depositors.

Pastor Fired After Bringing Black Children to Bible Study

Pastor Fired After Bringing Black Children to Bible Study

Six-Time Olympic Medalist Acclaims Strong Black Women for Helping Her Carry On

“I think that it’s amazing that there are so many strong black athletes that are out there, like Serena Williams, who are doing such amazing things and breaking barriers and breaking people’s thoughts of what I should be."

Video: #SomedayIsToday, We Shall Overcome

When will the day come that our dignity, our equal rights, our freedom will be acknowledged?